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Ringworm is a rather unpleasant fungal infection that can appear on the body, scalp and nails. Also known as Tinea, it is very contagious. Once thought to come solely from cats or dogs we now know that it can be caused by prolonged wetness of skin and minor injuries to …

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Health Benefits of co q 10

Co Q-10 (Co-enzyme Q10) is made naturally in the body and is involved in energy production in cells. It also has a role as an antioxidant, whereby it helps to repair some of the damage caused by harmful free radicals that may contribute to signs of ageing, heart disease and …

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How to ease a stiff neck

A stiff neck is nothing to worry about, but it is a pain. It can be very uncomfortable and leave you feeling a little down. Any kind of pain or discomfort can effect daily life and put a damper on your mood. Neck stiffness can be a result of sleeping …

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Christmas 2010 Hottest new Spa Gifts

A spa gift can be a great present for Christmas of 2010. Try the following ideas for your loved ones. Foot spa Many people love to soak their feet in warm water. They make many foot spas to provide this luxurious service. Some have heat, massage and other features. Many …

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Combining Mind and Medicine

Are you Listening to your Self Talk? Changing my self-talk was such an integral part of me healing myself. I was on auto-pilot for YEARS and just moving through my days without really listening to what my mind was saying. Oh, it said QUITE a lot and I HEARD it …

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