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Cancer Risk Omega 3 Lowered Weight Heart Disease Brain

Omega-3 is one of the important factors, to providing the nutrition your brain needs. Omega-3 contains fatty acids that, which is the fats your brain needs to function correctly. Omega-3 has help function in memory loss and Alzheimer’s. Omega-3 acts as a blood cleanser, which allows more oxygen reach the brain.

You can find a high quality of Omega-3 in fish, walnuts, strawberrys and green vegetables like spinach and broccoli. I’ve personally been taking Omega-3 for the past couple years, and my mind is sharper than it’s ever been. People who take Omega-3 are likely to improve their overall mood and can help with depression.

Docosahexanoic acid(DHA) is an acid found in Omega-3, that plays a vital role into the health and growth of our brain. Omega-3 has been tested numerous times on animals with memory loss, and has proven to be a success. It’s especially great for children who have learning disabilities. The brain functions the greatest at a younger age. If women are pregnant, it’s quite wise to take Omega-3 to support a healthy child.

In fact, Omega-3 is extremely great in lowering cholesterol. High cholesterol and saturated fat, is very bad for your brain function. Not only is Omega-3 good, but the foods we eat have an effect on our brain function as well, that contains lower saturated fats and less cholesterol.

It’s been proven to be excellent at lowering the risk of cancer. You ever wonder why a shark and fishermen never get cancer? The highest quality of omega-3 is in fish, and really improves your overall immune system. A proven brain booster is not the only benefit you get from taking it. It helps to maintain weight, skin complexion, joints, prevents heart disease, cellular communication, function of nervous system, visual function, and much more chronic diseases. It’s even good for your pets, especially with dry skin, skin diseases and lowers the risk of heart disease and cancer. Omega-3 is known to reduce inflammation.

Your brain relies on three things for survival. Oxygen, glucose, and omega-3 fatty acids. You can take omega-3 pills, which is what I take, along with trying to eat foods that provide a good portion of omega-3. We as humans, obtain much more Omega-6, than Omega-3’s, which leads to a poor diet, and raises our risk of cancer and plenty of other diseases. A proper diet should be about 4 more times of Omega-6, to Omega-3. Make sure you obtain supplements that are mercury free.


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