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Health Care Reform and Lobbyist

Since 1990 and projected into 2010, Democrats and Republicans have received in contributions from the health caresector a total of 829.9 million dollars. The Republicans receive 111.1 million more than they receive the Democrats (according to Diagnosis: Reform, Capital eye blog at opensecrets.org). Republicans avg. 23 million per year while …

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Attitude about Weight

One of the greatest influences on a child’s life comes from their parents. There are many areas in which mothers specifically can influence their daughters, and one of those areas includes the daughters weight. The attitude that the daughter has towards her weight can be greatly affected by the actions …

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Best Anti Allergy Drugs

Allergies are a common problem seen in the primary care setting. In addition, sometimes allergies can become life threatening. However, they can be treated effectively with drugs. How allergies are caused? People get allergic reactions when they are exposed to allergens. Allergens are substances that cause abnormal secretion of histamines …

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Tracking Hunger with an Online Tool

Listening to when you are hungry is the key to curbing snacking habits and learning when those cravings are creeping up. Keeping a note of when you feel hungry during the day will give you a visual record to refer too and clearly see patterns occurring. Tracking hunger using an …

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How to Avoid Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a very real issue today in many western countries. Increasingly it is also becoming a feature of poorer countries around the world. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that in 2007 there were 22 million children who were overweight or obese in the world, and the majority …

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