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What causes Osteoporosis

First, it may be useful to describe exactly what osteoporosis is, before examining the causes. In simple terms, it may be described as bone loss. Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones become weaker and more brittle, through loss of mass and density. As a result, sufferers will often sustain …

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Join a Gym get Fit Stay Healthy

Modern society today involves the expectation of maintaining a busy day to day way of life. A balanced lifestyle is essential to retain this equilibrium within the family structure, work and social activities. The fitness industry has become an integral part of this process for a significant percentage of the …

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Epilepsy Seizures Vitamin e

Epilepsy and the seizures that it causes can be one of the most terrifying disorders you can ever experience or witness. Although these seizures can easily come in varying degrees, any form they come in can be potentially dangerous. There are several conventional treatments for this disorder, but most all …

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Yogatta be Kidding me

I attempted to jump on the “Yoga Bandwagon” a few years ago, as I have had a tendency to do whenever I hear of a new method of relaxing exercise. I went to a class and realized that not only was I not going to go back to class, but …

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It is estimated that as many as 1 in 4 students have some form of undiagnosed Dyspraxia. In a class room of 30 students it can be reasonable to assume that 7 of those will display traits characteristic of the neurological disorder. Traditionally viewed as clumsy child syndrome, Dyspraxia is …

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Wrong Diagnosis by Doctors – No

I would love to think doctors can be fully trusted. However, 30 years’ treatment for a chronic condition proves otherwise. My most recent excursion to the hospital only reinforced this belief. With a fever inching toward 104 degrees F. and my regular doctor out of the office, I was pretty …

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