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Living with a Disability

I consider myself an average or so called “normal person”. Not that any person is normal. I think I want what a lot of people want: such as someone to love, to work out what this confusing thing we call “life” is all about and most importantly, to enjoy myself. …

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What is a Low Carbohydrate Diet

Low carbohydrate diets were popular in the nineties and early twenty first century. Atkins, South Beach, and many others promoted the benefits of eating a low carbohydrate diet claiming that it was the fastest and best way to drop unwanted weight. While it did help lose weight quickly it didn’t …

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How is Mesothelioma Treated

Mesothelioma is a rare malignant tumour that affects the lining of the chest, abdominal or heart cavities and it is caused by the inhalation or swallowing of asbestos dust or fibres. The disease usually shows up decades after the inhalation or swallowing has taken place. Mesothelioma is an extremely dangerous …

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How Poverty and Obesity are Connected

At first glance, the fact that there is a connection between poverty and obesity is counter-intuitive. This link, however, exists in some of the wealthier countries of the world. In wealthier nations, under-nourishment is uncommon and starvation is virtually non-existent. There is an abundance of cheap, affordable food. Poor nutrition …

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Health Life Food Eating

Other than keeping a positive attitude towards life and, exercising, food is one of the major players in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Living healthy is the key for a successful life. There are many diets out there promoting a healthy lifestyle but people don’t seem to agree with one single …

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