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Dangers of Eating Soy Products

Soy products have swept the nation as a miracle food that provides protein and other nutrients while also being extremely healthy at the same time. People now buy soy as a substitute for just about any type of meat you can think of. Tofurky, tofu burgers, tofu chicken, and not …

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First Aid for a Black Eye

First aid for a black eye A black eye is a bruise to the eye resulting from injuries to the face or head. This causes a dark discolouration and swelling around the eye. Usually this injury is not serious and shouldn’t cause any complications, but occasionally it can be a …

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Danges of Cell Phones

When I want to find out something from someone who isn’t currently with me, I easily send them a text message or call them. Not only does my cell phone help me to keep in touch with everyone, it tells me my email, Facebook alerts, the weather, and even …

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