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How to Prevent Obesity in Children

Obesity has become a huge health problem not only among adults but also children. This is a problem that can lead to health and self-esteem problems in the future. Saying a child is big boned or they have an appetite are excuses which are just hurting the child even more. …

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Wilsons Disease Copper Buildup

Wilsons disease is a very serious life threatening disorder, but it can in most all cases be controlled and even prevented by one very important mineral; zinc. However, it can be very difficult to detect in the early stages, and as a result, it can cause very serious damages to …

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Side Effects of Pulmicort

What is Pulmicort? Pulmicort is a medicine used to prevent asthmatic attacks and it contains budesonide as the active ingredient. The drug falls into the category of corticosteroids and is available as a solution in ‘Pulmicort respules’ or else as a dry powder variety known as ‘Pulmicort flexhaler’. The drug …

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Empty Nest

The season has changed and the time has come to embrace the empty nest. Your child or chidren move out of the house changing the dynamics of the home and the roles of parenthood. The new silence in the house often leaves the mother more so than the father faced …

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Under an Uncomfortable Microscope

Growing up military is mostly like growing up in other circumstances whether it is urban, suburban or rural. Every situation will be unique, yet there will be some generalities specific to the environment that tend to create a different kind of psychological pressure on a developing human being. Taking those …

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