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Start a Diet

Taking the decision to lose weight is a great idea, but is there a thing called the perfect time for starting a diet? The truth is, life is complex, and sometimes, it is not that easy to stick to a decision you took in the heat of the moment. The …

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Disagree – Disagree

If school districts were to ban everything a child could have a possible anaphylaxis reaction to, the schools would be more sterile than hospitals! I am one of those people who feel that the Government, and the Schools, take too much liberty in imposing rules and bans on society. That …

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How to Follow a Low Sodium Diet

Many people are recommended to eat a low sodium diet. Sodium can play a major role in hypertension, which can raise your risk of a number of different deadly conditions such as stroke. The following are tips on how to follow a low-sodium diet. Decide how low you want to …

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Steam Shower Baromatherapy

Steam Shower Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is a time tested methord of using essential oils, from many varieties of plants, to stimulate the body or the mood. Scent has always been a very powerful thing. Aromatherapy is the science of using these oils and the scents to bring about positive changes in …

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Packing for a Hospital Stay

If you need to be hospitalized for a few days you’ll want to make sure to pack the things necessary to make yourself as comfortable as possible without bringing in too much luggage. It is important to be compact but not austere. You should make sure you have a list …

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