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Can Diet Affect Sex Drive

Did you know that the right diet can turn your whole sex life around? Read on! There can be no debating it, we live in very sexually-charged times. On TV, in music videos, in the movies, in magazines, in the news, and all over the Internet–blatant and graphic sexual imagery …

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How is Cmv Spread

CMV, cytomegalovirus, is spread in a number of ways. For one thing, it is the most devastating virus caught by fetuses. It can also be spread in saliva, urine, respiratory droplets, tears, and breast milk. Sexual contact and blood transfusions can also transmit CMV. The virus is not actually easy …

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Snoring is a Problem

Obstructive sleep apnea is a problem but simple snorting is not too serious, but should be checked out by an EENT (eye, ear, nose, and throat,) specialist to rule out the more serious condition. Also to make sure there is no physical cause. It is also a problem, if not …

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Side Effects of Insulin Shots

Under normal conditions, the human pancreas produces enough insulin as required by the body. When insulin levels are affected by conditions such has Type 1 Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus), insulin will be administered in order to aid in controlling blood glucose levels. Earlier, Insulin was extracted from pork or beef pancreases …

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