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Health Care Reform Public Option – Yes

The Pursuit of Life, Liberty, Happiness, and Affordable Quality Health-care The pursuit of full American citizenship—life, liberty, and happiness begins and ends with our health and affordable quality health-care. In the language of Economics 101—the needs for health-care services are inelastic (meaning the needs for health-care services remain unchanged …

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Video Games not to be Blamed

Obesity is a prominent subject around the world. Does a person become obese from playing video games some might ask? Around 2009 26.5% of Americans are estimated to be obese; that is over 70 million people. If all of those people played video games to become that way, thenin the …

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The most Unique Ways to Exercise

Gyms were originally created as facilities to perform physical exercise in order to achieve healthy benefits; however, there are unique ways that can allow us to achieve the same benefits. To perform the same physical exercises, as the ones performed in a gym, without the need of heavy equipment and …

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Lose Weight Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is the practice of becoming more aware of what you’re eating. It has its roots in Buddhism, in which mindfulness is an important component. Mindful eating can help you lose weight easily, without dieting. By making your meals into a meditation, you can reduce the tendency to binge …

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Natazia Approved by FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Natazia, which is made by Germany’s Bayer AG, in May 2010 for use as an oral contraceptive in women. The pill has been available in Europe for a year (since May 2009) under the name Qlaira. This manifestation of the pill contains …

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