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Losing the last Ten Pounds

There is something of a wall that a person can hit after losing a fairly substantial amount of weight. It baffles people that after losing thirty or more pounds they cannot seem to lose the last five or ten pounds before reaching their target weight. Those on a long-term diet …

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Dental Visits

Putting off the dentist again? Not a good idea if you care about your hygiene or that beautiful smile! Regular check-ups can prevent costly future repair and keep your teeth and gums in a healthy condition. Many people refuse or are too scared to see the dentist, but the longer …

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Brain Aneurysm

The brain is the primary center that regulates, coordinates and maintain the functions of the body. There are serious problems that sometimes arise in this nerve center that can lead to disability or death. One such occurrence is the formation of an aneurysm (pronounced an-u-rism). A brain aneurysm is formed …

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Healthy and Affordable Family Eating Tips

Providing healthy, nourishing meals for a family can be a challenge under the best of conditions. Special circumstances can necessitate additional attention if one member of the family suffers from food allergies or another requires a special diet for an ailment or medical condition. Throw a picky eater into the …

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Arteriosclerosis Symptoms and Treatment

The most well known form of arteriosclerosis is atherosclerosis, but the disease actually occurs in three forms: atherosclerosis, Monckeberg medial calcific sclerosis, and small artery arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is characterized by a hardening of the arteries due to thickening and a loss of elasticity in the arterial walls. Arteriosclerosis symptoms occur …

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Endometrial Cancer Risks

Endometrial cancer usually occurs in women older than 40 years of age who have increased estrogen levels and are usually obese, diabetic and hypertensive. If you fit this description then you may be at increased risk for endometrial cancer. There are two types of cancer of the endometrium or lining …

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